Tips in Buying Jewelry Armoire

When planning to buy a jewelry armoire, the first thing that must be quickly and permanently removed from the mind is the idea of a cabinet. This is not just an ordinary cabinet; it is more similar to a jewelry box. Buying a jewelry armoire should take a similar approach in choosing a jewelry box. You should then consider these three categories in buying a jewelry armoire: personal needs, product quality, and customer service.

Personal Needs

While it is possible to find two jewelry armoires that look the same on the outside, there is a high possibility that the interiors are very different. There are stacks, drawers, hooks, folding tops, and mirrors which are constructed and combined in various ways. But which combination is needed? How do you know that it is the best for you?

To choose the best is to take stock of the personal collection of jewelries you have as of now. For example, do you have more necklaces than bracelets? What kinds of earrings are most numerous? With the whole jewelry collection in mind, it becomes easier to decide the features that you need for in a jewelry armoire. If there are more necklaces than bracelets, there must be enough hooks to hold all the necklaces. If there are more brooches than earrings, then you need a design with more pull-out drawers. Do you often use the mirror? Perhaps you should go for the one with bigger interior mirror.

Product Quality

The next thing to consider is the product quality. The customer must keep in mind that jewelry armoires are supposed to last for at least a couple of generations. This means that the construction must be durable. Imagine how it is used daily, this includes pulling out the drawers and opening the doors, this actions must give the least possible stress on the whole construction. This does not imply that a customer must grab a textbook on wood construction. You will notice a sturdy construction if the body seems to be solid and does not budge. A free sliding drawer and a hitch free locking mechanism can give it a nod of approval. These are just a few things that must be checked before buying the jewelry armoire.

On the Interior aspect, the first thing to consider is the velour, which should line all the compartments of the jewelry armoire. The color of the velour is less important than its ability to protect the jewelry from nicks, grazes, and scratches. The second thing to consider is the design of the drawers, especially the top drawers. The recommended design for top drawers is the presence of multiple dividers. These dividers keep the jewelry from tangling with each other. And the third thing to consider is the attachments. Some of the questions to ask are these: Does the mirror juggle off if the door is suddenly opened or closed? Will the hooks give way to the weight of bigger design necklace? If the answer to both questions is “yes,” then the product quality is suffering.

Customer Service

And finally the store or the suppliers’ customer service should be impeccable. A customer is entitled to walk out of a store if the people at the store are rude or inattentive. You must know that customer service does not stop as soon as the customer leaves the premises of the store. The store should have guarantees about the durability of the jewelry armoire. A no-hassle return policy is best to give you peace of mind when you finally decide to buy one.