Modern Jewelry Armoire – The Perfect Way to Store Your Jewelry

When you can’t find one of your earrings or you realize that your pendant is missing – you know that it is time to get yourself a modern jewelry armoire to safely store and protect your valuables. A jewelry armoire will not keep your ornaments protected from damage but will also allow you to find the right accessory in a jiffy.

Armoires are now a part of most homes. A Modern jewelry armoire is definitely a must on the shopping list of most women. If you are redecorating your bedroom, it is the perfect time to think about incorporating a jewelry armoire in your room decor.

Size is not a constraint as you can find a jewelry armoire in any size you wish or you can even have one custom made to suit the exact measurements of your room. If you have the budget, it may be a better idea to have it tailor made so that you can incorporate your most important features and it will also add your own personal touch to the furniture.

If you have a smaller room, a good option is to go for a wall hung armoire so that you can save on the floor space. It is also more convenient to use as you don’t have to bend over as you would need to in the floor mounted armoire. Nowadays, many people prefer wall mounted armoires as almost all of them can also be used as a mirror. What best way to admire your jewelry than to wear them on and pose in front of the mirror.

If you already have a mirror and don’t need another one, you can get an armoire with a photo frame. So the armoire can hold both your cherished memories (in the photograph) and your precious treasures – your jewelry as well.

For those of us who have a hard time recollecting where we put down our stuff, a jewelry armoire is a god send, since it has those perfect nooks and corners for storing your favorite jewels and accessories. If you need them again, you know perfectly well where to look for them. Separate compartments also save your chains and necklaces from getting entangled with other items.

Once you have settled on the specific model and size, all that remains is to select the perfect color that will match your decor. Brown shades are traditional. Black is non-conformist but can look elegant. If you are in the mood to experiment, you can also try a white finish.

Jewelry armoires are not too heavy on your pocket, if you are looking for a simple, basic model. If you want a traditional carved armoire you may have hunt for them in antique stores however they might turn out to be expensive. Most modern jewelry armoires are available at all price levels. Do make sure that you look at all the various stores, offline and online before you decide.