Jewelry Armoires – They Beat Traditional Jewelry Boxes Any Day

Elegant jewelry armoires are not your conventional jewelry boxes as far as size is concerned. They are taller than most jewelry boxes on the market. For people who love to have an extensive collection of shiny stuff, a jewelry armoire is the way to go. Unlike the traditionally used boxes, armoires allow you to hang your necklaces and chains so you do not have to stuff everything in.

A jewelry armoire has separate compartments, drawers and side doors as well as a mirror. It is the ideal place to store all those delicate family heirlooms. Space is not a concern when you own a jewelry armoire as it can contain antique brooches, necklaces, earrings and even wedding rings in separate and neatly divided drawers or compartments.

When you go shopping for a jewelry armoire, look for lined drawers or compartments so your precious jewelry is not tarnished or scratched in any way. Additional requirements include extra space in lower compartments that allow for storage of larger jewelry pieces and/or accessories. Built-in mirrors are a nice addition to a jewelry armoire as they are convenient when putting on jewelry.

Depending on your home decor, there are many types of jewelry armoires to choose from. A Cherry finish in a jewelry armoire is desirable when rich red decor is the norm at home. Most retailers offer cherry finish in light, medium and the classic Queen Anne cherry.

Specialty armoires are usually custom made and depending on the consumers’ needs are tailored to hang on walls as well. Where security is a prime concern, locked jewelry armoires are also available.

If soft decor is what your home needs then a pine jewelry armoire is the ideal choice. The soft cream finish gives an exotic feel for your jewelry armoire.

Oak jewelry cases are also popular especially where a woody finish is desired. These are available in white oak as well as red oak finish wherever desired.

Finally maple finished jewelry armoires are a sought after accessory in homes where a natural color tone is desired. It adds to the decor by providing a warm feel to the furniture.

Hand painted jewelry armoires are elegant because every painted piece conveys the impression it was made for you. If you are a creative sort of person then you can purchase a basic jewelry armoire and then proceed to decorate it yourself. There is nothing better than adding a personal touch to this very personal piece of furniture.

If you are placing the jewelry armoire in your bedroom you will need to make sure it does not look out of place by being too elegant. Softer shades of d├ęcor can be chosen here so that the jewelry armoire matches well with the available furniture in the chosen room.

Consumers have many options when it comes to shopping for an armoire. In conclusion jewelry armoires are a classy way to store your jewelry and preserve your favorite pieces for many years to come.