Jewelry Armoires From Past To Present

Jewelry armoires are a variation to the big armoires that you have in your living rooms. Yes, the ones that covers up that wide screen TV when you are not using it and at the same time effectively holding you entertainment center and other gadgets. It is also a close version of the desk armoire in your study; the big closet like structure that hides the computer and all the clutter around it behind closed doors when no one is watching. Those mentioned are great examples of what an armoire is. It is a piece of furniture that is used to hold and store things that you need, but may not want to see lying around haphazardly when not in use.

The main difference between a Jewelry Armoire and those previously mentioned is the obvious fact, that instead of storing technical equipments and appliances, a Jewelry Armoire stores – well, Jewelry. This piece of furniture has been around for as long as man invented furniture. They have managed to grace the dressing rooms of the richest and most famous queens, ladies and celebrities in the past. They have truly never gone out of style and are considered as an integral part of any woman’s dressing furniture.

Jewelry Armoires come in all shapes and sizes and have always been present through out history. They are made from different types of materials, but the most famous one are often wooden armoires that’s stand about 4 feet high. Jewelry armoires are a great addition to your bedroom or closet furniture. It allows you storage and space without the cluttered look of an unclosed jewelry box lying on the surface of a dresser.

Armoires are manufactured in a wide array of styles, one style that is always prevalent is the baroque looking piece. Most of the armoires that are made in this style are composed of a series of shallow stacked drawers that are propped up on four cane legs. They are often made in classic woods like cherry, maple, oak and even ebony. This style of Jewelry armoire gives an approving nod towards the style of the olden days. The inevitable change in furniture style as well as the over all design of the centuries caused a change in the styles that Jewelry armoires were made; now minimalist style that sport sleek lines are also found.

Unlike their baroque counterparts, Modern styled armoires have smaller feet and are composed of stacked dresser drawers that run down the length of the armoire itself. Of course, let us not forget the whimsical and playful side to the armoire. Manufacturers have certainly not forgotten their young clients and those that are young at heart. Now, you can easily find Jewelry armoires in an array of pastel colors with some of them having whimsical fairytale book themes and characters painted on them.

No matter what style the armoire is. No matter how much jewelry it holds or where it is placed in a room. One thing is certain. The jewelry armoire has managed to secure its place in history and in the hearts of Jewelry lovers everywhere.