How to Choose the Right Jewelry Armoire

A jewelry armoire can be a beautiful addition to any bedroom or dressing area in the home and can offer a place to store your most important jewelry. Jewelry armoires come in various styles, sizes, features and designs so choosing the right one for your situation is important in order to get the most out of this piece of furniture. When choosing the right unit, it’s helpful to take several things into consideration in order to insure your satisfaction after your furniture purchase.

  • Many styles from which to choose – Jewelry armoires come in various styles which include the ever popular Queen Anne, Mission design, cottage, black contemporary and white armoires. The finishes are usually found in cherry, oak, walnut, pine, black and white although there are other variations on color as well. A very popular style is a whitewashed look with handpainted designs along the casing. Some units have turned legs, curved legs or straight, mission styled legs to enhance the overall style of the particular armoire.
  • Sizes – You can find a jewelry armoire in just about any size you may need to fit your storage requirements. Some offer 4 drawers on the front with two side panels and a fliptop storage area. Other large jewelry armoires offer 6 or 8 larger drawers stacked up the front with two large panels on either side for storage. Most units offer fliptops with a mirror in the inside. This area is ideal for storing your most used items such as watches, earrings, necklaces or small accessories that you need to grab on your way out the door.
  • Features – There are various features available such as locking elements on certain units which make it useful when you need to store your jewels and accessories away from others in your home. Also, features such as extra storage compartments, velvet lining, or additional mirrors may be found in some of the finer armoires.
  • Designs – The design of jewelry storage units has continued to evolve as more and more adults as well as children are interested in using their own jewelry armoires. Some pieces are quite distinctive for adults while some units add a childish charm with its smaller size and whimsical appeal. There are many possible designs from which to choose that are sure to please just about anyone who is looking for the perfect piece of furniture in which to store their jewelry.

There are many online sources from which to compare prices, designs and features, so be sure to check out several reputable manufacturers when you are ready to purchase. If you know how to choose the right jewelry armoire, you will end up with a charming, beautiful piece of storage furniture to hold all your jewelry and personal accessories.