Every Woman Needs a Modern Jewelry Armoire

The prized possession of most women is definitely their jewelry collection. They dearly cherish their necklaces, chains, rings etc and are always concerned about their safety and storage. It is here that an armoire would come in pretty handy to organize these ornaments.

Traditionally “armoires” which is French for “chest” were meant to be large storage units. These were used to store all kinds of items from clothes to accessories, vessels, etc. Over time, artisans started crafting finer versions which were then used to store jewelry items.

The modern jewelry armoire comes in a range of different sizes and finishes. Depending on the color, theme and size of your room and other furniture, you can decide what should be the color, texture and size of the armoire. If you have a space constraint in your room, you could even opt for a wall mounted armoire.

One of the most popular features of a modern jewelry armoire is the incorporation of a mirror. This is a very convenient feature as it not only adds to the contemporary look of the armoire but also doubles up as a mirror thus making very smart and efficient use of space. You could either have full length mirrors or smaller ones depending on your choice.

Besides mirrors, another very stylish innovation is armoires which double up as photo frames. From a distance, you just wouldn’t be able to tell that the frame is a jewelry armoire. Although limited in size and storage capacity, these armoires can add a very elegant touch to your wall while at the same time also provide you with a storage unit.

A jewelry armoire is a great time saver and is great for organizing your jewelry. In this fast paced world, no woman would want to waste time in hunting for that earring that matches her necklace or rummage through a messed up drawer. A jewelry armoire has separate compartments which are very well organized and structured to store every different item of jewelry. It not only helps you find the right ornament that you are looking for quickly but also helps in keeping your valuables safe. There are hooks for your necklaces, dividers for separating your earrings and rings and many other such organizing features that make it a breeze to organize your jewelry.

Since most modern armoires are inspired by the traditional armoires, you will tend to find them in dark wood finishes. Oak and Cherry are quite popular. If you look diligently you might find some intricately carved jewelry cabinets in antique stores, however the modern jewelry armoire will be most likely comprising of fine lines and straight edges giving it a sleek and modern look.

Modern jewelry armoires are available in a variety of price ranges. The range starts from a shade under US$100 and can climb upwards in excess of US$500. The small wall mounted units are available in the lower price ranges. As you move up in terms of size, detailing and other features, the prices move up accordingly. You need to evaluate your requirements keeping in mind what would match your room d├ęcor and budget and you will surely find a good fit.