Cheval Jewelry Armoires – Furnishing a Touch of Class

Have you been storing those valuable necklaces from your mother or grandmother in a small box, requiring you to untangle chains or pour everything out of the box to find the single piece of jewelry you are seeking? If this describes you perfectly, consider one of the many beautiful cheval jewelry armoires. These elegant additions to your home offer perfect storage for jeweled treasures.

In addition to increased space, jewelry armoires offer separate small compartments for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry items. This allows you to organize your jewelry and find it more easily. The cheval mirrors attached to most of these armoires is most convenient, allowing you to try on several items without going back and forth to a mirror to examine each.

These jewelry armoires are available in a wide variety of styles. Some are mounted on the wall, while others are styled to function as vanity tables. Alternatively, others greatly resemble a small dresser or chest of drawers in appearance.

In addition to various styles, these elegant armoires are available in a wide variety of colors as well. Many feature a cherry, maple, or walnut finish, while some other designs are created from mission oak. Almost any style, however, can be purchased in nearly any type of finish that the customer desires.

One unique style of armoire is designed as a cheval mirror. This full-length, freestanding mirror opens – to reveal a jewelry armoire with separate compartments for each type of jewelry, as well as many hooks for necklaces. These mirrors are available in white, oak, and cherry finishes.

The term ‘cheval mirror’ is most correctly used to refer to a full-sized freestanding mirror that is supported by a post on either side. This term, however, is frequently used with jewelry armoires to describe a smaller mirror. This is usually located at the top of the armoire and can be freely adjusted up or down as needed for viewing.

These elegant furnishings add a touch of class to any room. Delicately shaped and ornamental, yet functional and conveniently sized, they take up little additional floor space. Less than two feet in width, they easily fit into even a crowded bedroom or dressing room.

Tangled chains break, and delicate earring posts are easily bent. Don’t endanger your favorite jewelry any longer. Care for it and protect it by storing it in an elegant, convenient cheval jewelry armoire.