Jewelry Armoire Chest

Contrary to common belief men are more likely to collect valuable items. Men’s collectible items often range from stamps, coins, comic books, cars, baseball cards and jewelry. Yes people, jewelry! In fact, jewelry is generally the most popular gift for men as it is for women. Unlike most of men’s collectible items, Men’s jewelry items are not meant to be just dumped in a box. To keep them organized and easy to find and reach, they need to be given proper storage. In this light, when men’s jewelry and mens jewelry boxes are popular gift ideas, then a masculine jewelry armoire chest must be the second most popular gift idea.

The word armoire is actually a French word that means “an arms cabinet or storage.” In earlier times, armoire is generally used by men as a secure storage for their guns. More recently, armoires are now made to store and secure their other valuable collections. Aside from wardrobes, men’s jewelry armoire chest was made to use its shelves, doors and drawers in accommodating men’s most valuable collections of cuff links, necklaces, wallets, watches, pins, and other accessories. It provided a one spot storage that will allow men to easily keep track of their collection and secure each and every piece while maintaining their shine, luster and value.

Let’s admit it. Men in general are not the most organized creatures on earth. Although mens jewelry boxes do great in keeping all their jewelry pieces out of damaging elements such as dust and direct sunlight, they offer very little in organizing men’s valuable stuff. Stacking mens jewelry boxes in the closet may not be the best idea. Not only does it pose a certain risk of getting broken due to accidental falling over of piling up jewelry box piles. The boxes also offer very little security for each and every piece of jewelry. For someone who is fond of collecting items like cuff links, watches and rings, organizing every piece and item of jewelry is a struggle when solely relying on boxes. For one’s growing jewelry collection, investing on a nice jewelry armoire chest certainly is a wise decision.

Instead of closet cabinets, office desks and bedroom dresser corner table surfaces, masculine jewelry armoire chest provides just the kind of space and storage that a jewelry collection deserves. This is also true for women who understand the value of proper jewelry storage. This piece of furniture also comes in styles and designs that can work small and big spaces. Free-standing jewelry armoire chest are available in designs that will readily complement your men’s masculine furniture taste. They come in sizes that easily go right at their bedside, near their dresser or anywhere else they prefer. Wall-mounted versions of jewelry armoire are also offered to fit into the décor for limited spaces. You can place this type of armoire near your bedside or anywhere that will make it convenient for you to access and secure your jewelry collection.

For men as well as women, there is a long list of occasion when they can be given valuable trinkets like jewelry pieces. As their jewelry boxes pile up, gifting them with their own jewelry armoire chest could be a delight. Help them find the best storage and furniture to organize and store their jewelry collections. Surely, a jewelry armoire chest is one unique and practical piece of furniture that every man and woman will value even for the coming years.

Every Woman Needs a Modern Jewelry Armoire

The prized possession of most women is definitely their jewelry collection. They dearly cherish their necklaces, chains, rings etc and are always concerned about their safety and storage. It is here that an armoire would come in pretty handy to organize these ornaments.

Traditionally “armoires” which is French for “chest” were meant to be large storage units. These were used to store all kinds of items from clothes to accessories, vessels, etc. Over time, artisans started crafting finer versions which were then used to store jewelry items.

The modern jewelry armoire comes in a range of different sizes and finishes. Depending on the color, theme and size of your room and other furniture, you can decide what should be the color, texture and size of the armoire. If you have a space constraint in your room, you could even opt for a wall mounted armoire.

One of the most popular features of a modern jewelry armoire is the incorporation of a mirror. This is a very convenient feature as it not only adds to the contemporary look of the armoire but also doubles up as a mirror thus making very smart and efficient use of space. You could either have full length mirrors or smaller ones depending on your choice.

Besides mirrors, another very stylish innovation is armoires which double up as photo frames. From a distance, you just wouldn’t be able to tell that the frame is a jewelry armoire. Although limited in size and storage capacity, these armoires can add a very elegant touch to your wall while at the same time also provide you with a storage unit.

A jewelry armoire is a great time saver and is great for organizing your jewelry. In this fast paced world, no woman would want to waste time in hunting for that earring that matches her necklace or rummage through a messed up drawer. A jewelry armoire has separate compartments which are very well organized and structured to store every different item of jewelry. It not only helps you find the right ornament that you are looking for quickly but also helps in keeping your valuables safe. There are hooks for your necklaces, dividers for separating your earrings and rings and many other such organizing features that make it a breeze to organize your jewelry.

Since most modern armoires are inspired by the traditional armoires, you will tend to find them in dark wood finishes. Oak and Cherry are quite popular. If you look diligently you might find some intricately carved jewelry cabinets in antique stores, however the modern jewelry armoire will be most likely comprising of fine lines and straight edges giving it a sleek and modern look.

Modern jewelry armoires are available in a variety of price ranges. The range starts from a shade under US$100 and can climb upwards in excess of US$500. The small wall mounted units are available in the lower price ranges. As you move up in terms of size, detailing and other features, the prices move up accordingly. You need to evaluate your requirements keeping in mind what would match your room décor and budget and you will surely find a good fit.

How To Choose Your New Jewelry Armoire

Do you often misplace the strands of pearls you wore at last night’s dinner at the opera with friends? Can you never find your favorite piece of jewelry when you need it most for that very important date? Well, worry no more. Get a jewelry armoire to store your jewels in the most elegant and efficient way.

A jewelry armoire may not be as huge as the special room beneath Buckingham Palace where Queen Elizabeth keeps her jewelry collection, but it certainly can store more of your beads, stones aand bangles than the musical jewelry box that you’ve kept since high school for sentimental reasons.


The French word armoire originally meant an arms cabinet or gun storage, but not anymore. In these modern times, an armoire is defined as a tall cabinet, usually with drawers, shelves and doors. Armoires nowadays can be wardrobe armoires, jewelry armoires, entertainment armoires and just recently even computer armoires.

Even family-friendly Wal-mart stocks faux burl wood jewelry armoires for less than $200 ordered online, so there’s really no excuse for not getting out there and choosing your jewelry armoire.

How to choose your jewelry armoire

1. The first thing you need to know is your woods or non-woods and including your pretend woods. And then decide which suit you most.

Do you like your jewelry armoire to gain more character and charm even with wear? Then a real solid wood jewelry armoire is for you. Most real wood jewelry armoires are made from oak, maple or pine, so you can choose from the classic yellow brown oaks, regal cherry red maples or mission brown practical pines.

Do you not mind the look of an engineered MDF teamed with laminates or wood veneers for your first jewelry armoire? Then you can hop on to the internet and shop for hand-carved, hand-painted jewelry armoire beauties which look like wood and cost less.

2. The next thing to decide is where you are going to put your jewelry armoire. Will it stand next to the Victorian mahogany chest of drawers in your bedroom? How much space do you have for it? Do you want it to match with the other furniture in the room? Or do you want it to be a centerpiece?

Depending on your answers, you may want to consider the homely French country style with its handcrafted doors, the elegant Queen Anne dark cherry heirloom style or the chunkier mission brown jewelry chest box style.

3. How will you use your jewelry armoire?

Will it be mainly a storage space for your jewelry? Then you may want a tall chest of six to eight drawers with sides that swing open to hang your pearls and necklaces.

Or will it be a place where you can sit down, try on that flaming red ruby necklace after you’ve put on your makeup? Then you might consider having a shorter vanity armoire with mirror, vanity and a soft-cushioned bench.

4. Are there any fengshui (or child proofing) considerations for your jewelry armoire?

Does it have to have round edges so as not to shoot sharp darts of energy while you are trying to relax before an important party? Are you afraid your toddler might bang her head on the sharp rectangular edges your jewelry armoire as she uncontrollably waddles to you while you’re putting on a pair of ruby earrings? Then the half-round jewelry armoire with rounded legs might be the one for you.

5. Are there any other security considerations for your jewelry armoire?

Do you have home contents insurance but would still feel safer if your jewels are locked? Then you may want to get a jewelry armoire that can be locked.

6. And last but not least – how much are you willing to pay for it?

Does your budget fall around the $300 mark? Then you can buy popular, best selling brands in real oak with mirror, eight drawers and side swing doors to hang all your pearls and golden necklaces.

Do you have around $400 to spare? Then you can get yourself an elegant dark cherry red maple Queen Anne jewelry armoire accented with detail rice carved posts on its doorface.

How about if you just have $59.95? Then the excitement of the hunt for good and used jewelry armoires is for you. Last time I checked there was a cherry Queen Anne jewelry armoire chest box being auctioned on eBay for a mere $59.95. But you better hurry.

What You Need To Know About Jewelry Armoires

A jewelry armoire is one of the most versatile units that you should have as a fine jewelry collector. The cool thing with the armoire is that it’s able to accommodate a wide range of items. It’s also able to preserve the items in one compact place.

Types Of Armoires

There are many types of armoires that you can go with. The most common ones are:

Wall Armoires: These are shallow units that are mounted on a wall and resemble a medicine chest. They come with hooks, drawers and a mirror at the back of the swing-door. You can hang your jewelry on the hooks or put the jewelry in the drawers. These armoires come in different designs depending on the manufacturer.

Dresser-Top: They are designed to sit on top of a dresser, vanity or desk. They are usually 20-30 inches tall and come with a vertical stack of shallow drawers and swing-out doors where you can hang your necklaces. There are some that have ring trays. In most cases, the top flips up to reveal a mirror.

Floor: They are freestanding and reach about 48 inches tall. They extend all the way to the fall or in some cases they are elevated on long, skinny legs. They have, earring holes, ring pads, pincushions, hooks for necklaces, and drawers for bracelets. There are others that come with additional storage areas. For example, there are those that come with storage spaces for scarves.

Factors To Consider When Making The Purchase

For you to buy the right jewelry armoire you need to consider a number of factors. Some of these factors that you need to consider include:

Size: how big is your room? Since armoires come in different sizes, you need to find the right armoire that will fit perfectly in your room. In addition to considering the size of your room, you also need to consider the number of jewelries that you have. If you have a lot of jewelries you should go for a large armoire.

Illumination: these are the mirrors and lights in the armoire. To make it easy for you to identify the different pieces even at night, it’s wise that you go for an armoire with enough lighting.

Security: how secure is the armoire? To protect your jewelry you should go for an armoire that is secure. For ideal results you should go for an armoire with an electronic security system.