Jewelry Armoires: A Perfect Jewerly Storage Solution

There are many options available on the market right now that may be absolutely, as well as practically, perfect for your currently less than stellar jewelry storage situation. One of these methods (which is my personal favorite, by the way) is to store your jewelry in an elegant piece of furniture, the armoire. Armoires designed for jewelry storage are plentiful in size and often accommodate plenty of space set up especially for easy access to your jewelry, small heirlooms, and other treasures.

If you have ever lost an expensive piece of jewelry (whether you ever fond it again or whether you did not) you know the panic of misplacing something especially precious, or at least extremely costly, to you. However, when there is a designated place created especially to help you to really keep track of and provide storage for your most precious jewels, jewelry and other accessories, it can be an incredible relief.

You can not find your favorite, heirloom pearl earrings and matching necklace anywhere. It has been a while since you wore these jewels last. Did you leave it in your luggage? Was it stolen? Did you misplace it somehow? It is a really bad feeling when this happens, no matter who you are. This is because even if your jewelry is insured, replacement guidelines are tricky and sometimes you can never exactly replace the piece of jewelry that has vanished. But just like every other very important items you must keep track of, such as paperwork, bank statements, trinkets, seasonal décor and small pieces of clothing (to name only a few examples) there needs to be a specific place for you to store your jewelry. And (just as you put your clothes in the hamper when they are dirty and subsequently, put them back in the closet or dresser when they are clean) a designated storage space will provide you with the ability to know exactly where your jewelry is whenever you are not wearing it.

So the choice, if you make the decision to purchase a jewelry armoire – the only real question now is what type of armoire will best suit your needs – and of course, the interior home design you prefer. Most armoires designed especially for jewelry storage are designed to be a piece of your bedroom furniture. If you have a very large bathroom, however, you may choose a jewelry armoire to keep within that space. The great thing about many types of furniture, the armoire for jewelry included, are practical in addition to potentially becoming great enhancers of the overall ambiance of the space in which you chose to place it.

I had never considered a solution this great until I was desperate enough to begin the search. I was happily surprised by the availability of armoires designed especially jewelry on the market today. I wished immediately that I had looked around much sooner. I still can not find the expensive earring I lost. I guess you could say that I realized I needed to protect my treasures only after one had been lost. It is certainly not the very first time this has happened to me or, as a matter of fact, to anyone – but if you have not had this particular problem yet, do not wait for it to happen. In other words, replace your unreliable jewelry storage system before you are sorry you did not.

You can find a great armoire though many furniture suppliers, as well as in many different styles, sizes, and all with a particular allure. There are, most importantly, jewelry armoires with a wide variety of storage spaces especially for the jewelry, accessories and / or heirlooms that you have. You can even have an armoire custom designed for your jewelry and to coordinate with the design of your bedroom and / or bathroom too enhance the overall look you want in your room.

Jewelry Armoires From Past To Present

Jewelry armoires are a variation to the big armoires that you have in your living rooms. Yes, the ones that covers up that wide screen TV when you are not using it and at the same time effectively holding you entertainment center and other gadgets. It is also a close version of the desk armoire in your study; the big closet like structure that hides the computer and all the clutter around it behind closed doors when no one is watching. Those mentioned are great examples of what an armoire is. It is a piece of furniture that is used to hold and store things that you need, but may not want to see lying around haphazardly when not in use.

The main difference between a Jewelry Armoire and those previously mentioned is the obvious fact, that instead of storing technical equipments and appliances, a Jewelry Armoire stores – well, Jewelry. This piece of furniture has been around for as long as man invented furniture. They have managed to grace the dressing rooms of the richest and most famous queens, ladies and celebrities in the past. They have truly never gone out of style and are considered as an integral part of any woman’s dressing furniture.

Jewelry Armoires come in all shapes and sizes and have always been present through out history. They are made from different types of materials, but the most famous one are often wooden armoires that’s stand about 4 feet high. Jewelry armoires are a great addition to your bedroom or closet furniture. It allows you storage and space without the cluttered look of an unclosed jewelry box lying on the surface of a dresser.

Armoires are manufactured in a wide array of styles, one style that is always prevalent is the baroque looking piece. Most of the armoires that are made in this style are composed of a series of shallow stacked drawers that are propped up on four cane legs. They are often made in classic woods like cherry, maple, oak and even ebony. This style of Jewelry armoire gives an approving nod towards the style of the olden days. The inevitable change in furniture style as well as the over all design of the centuries caused a change in the styles that Jewelry armoires were made; now minimalist style that sport sleek lines are also found.

Unlike their baroque counterparts, Modern styled armoires have smaller feet and are composed of stacked dresser drawers that run down the length of the armoire itself. Of course, let us not forget the whimsical and playful side to the armoire. Manufacturers have certainly not forgotten their young clients and those that are young at heart. Now, you can easily find Jewelry armoires in an array of pastel colors with some of them having whimsical fairytale book themes and characters painted on them.

No matter what style the armoire is. No matter how much jewelry it holds or where it is placed in a room. One thing is certain. The jewelry armoire has managed to secure its place in history and in the hearts of Jewelry lovers everywhere.

Rustic Jewelry Armoires

You can hide your favorite jewels, heirlooms and /or fashion accessories in places that no one would ever think to go looking for them when you have a beautiful armoire of a traditional rustic design. It really is a great way to decorate, simplistic can be elegant with a rustic interior motif. Most rustic designs, in furniture and general architecture of that genre, also have the advantage of having much more to them than what a person sees.

A great way to help keep your jewelry safe is to have a rustic jewelry armoire of your own. Unlike a jewelry box, there are a plethora of places to stash your jewelry, accessories, and trinkets of all kinds. And when I think of rustic décor I think of charm, an alluring kind of simplicity, and the uncanny secret hiding spots that many of them have. When you have an armoire that is rustic in design, and you have heirlooms or special items that you really want to keep safe, rustic jewelry armoires are perfect.

When you are worried about burglary, or even just someone you do not want poking around through your things. You can find great jewelry armoires in all different sizes and designs, but one aspect of the rustic design I have always loved is that of its hidden treasure potential. Someone could look for days in your rustic jewelry armoire and not find your hidden treasures unless he or she knew exactly where to look, what secret knob to twist or ridge to press against.

What a wonderful way to display your trinkets, store your heirlooms and keep things safe – or even secret. When you have a beautiful jewelry armoire, you can get to your black-tie event accessories and sparkling family heirlooms as easily as you can access your casual earrings, necklaces, bracelets and other items. An elegant jewelry armoire with a place for everything you want to store and even some extra room for new treasures, you may just find to be a perfect organization solution for your jewelry and / or similar items.

Jewelry Armoires – They Beat Traditional Jewelry Boxes Any Day

Elegant jewelry armoires are not your conventional jewelry boxes as far as size is concerned. They are taller than most jewelry boxes on the market. For people who love to have an extensive collection of shiny stuff, a jewelry armoire is the way to go. Unlike the traditionally used boxes, armoires allow you to hang your necklaces and chains so you do not have to stuff everything in.

A jewelry armoire has separate compartments, drawers and side doors as well as a mirror. It is the ideal place to store all those delicate family heirlooms. Space is not a concern when you own a jewelry armoire as it can contain antique brooches, necklaces, earrings and even wedding rings in separate and neatly divided drawers or compartments.

When you go shopping for a jewelry armoire, look for lined drawers or compartments so your precious jewelry is not tarnished or scratched in any way. Additional requirements include extra space in lower compartments that allow for storage of larger jewelry pieces and/or accessories. Built-in mirrors are a nice addition to a jewelry armoire as they are convenient when putting on jewelry.

Depending on your home decor, there are many types of jewelry armoires to choose from. A Cherry finish in a jewelry armoire is desirable when rich red decor is the norm at home. Most retailers offer cherry finish in light, medium and the classic Queen Anne cherry.

Specialty armoires are usually custom made and depending on the consumers’ needs are tailored to hang on walls as well. Where security is a prime concern, locked jewelry armoires are also available.

If soft decor is what your home needs then a pine jewelry armoire is the ideal choice. The soft cream finish gives an exotic feel for your jewelry armoire.

Oak jewelry cases are also popular especially where a woody finish is desired. These are available in white oak as well as red oak finish wherever desired.

Finally maple finished jewelry armoires are a sought after accessory in homes where a natural color tone is desired. It adds to the decor by providing a warm feel to the furniture.

Hand painted jewelry armoires are elegant because every painted piece conveys the impression it was made for you. If you are a creative sort of person then you can purchase a basic jewelry armoire and then proceed to decorate it yourself. There is nothing better than adding a personal touch to this very personal piece of furniture.

If you are placing the jewelry armoire in your bedroom you will need to make sure it does not look out of place by being too elegant. Softer shades of décor can be chosen here so that the jewelry armoire matches well with the available furniture in the chosen room.

Consumers have many options when it comes to shopping for an armoire. In conclusion jewelry armoires are a classy way to store your jewelry and preserve your favorite pieces for many years to come.