Modern Jewelry Armoire – The Perfect Way to Store Your Jewelry

When you can’t find one of your earrings or you realize that your pendant is missing – you know that it is time to get yourself a modern jewelry armoire to safely store and protect your valuables. A jewelry armoire will not keep your ornaments protected from damage but will also allow you to find the right accessory in a jiffy.

Armoires are now a part of most homes. A Modern jewelry armoire is definitely a must on the shopping list of most women. If you are redecorating your bedroom, it is the perfect time to think about incorporating a jewelry armoire in your room decor.

Size is not a constraint as you can find a jewelry armoire in any size you wish or you can even have one custom made to suit the exact measurements of your room. If you have the budget, it may be a better idea to have it tailor made so that you can incorporate your most important features and it will also add your own personal touch to the furniture.

If you have a smaller room, a good option is to go for a wall hung armoire so that you can save on the floor space. It is also more convenient to use as you don’t have to bend over as you would need to in the floor mounted armoire. Nowadays, many people prefer wall mounted armoires as almost all of them can also be used as a mirror. What best way to admire your jewelry than to wear them on and pose in front of the mirror.

If you already have a mirror and don’t need another one, you can get an armoire with a photo frame. So the armoire can hold both your cherished memories (in the photograph) and your precious treasures – your jewelry as well.

For those of us who have a hard time recollecting where we put down our stuff, a jewelry armoire is a god send, since it has those perfect nooks and corners for storing your favorite jewels and accessories. If you need them again, you know perfectly well where to look for them. Separate compartments also save your chains and necklaces from getting entangled with other items.

Once you have settled on the specific model and size, all that remains is to select the perfect color that will match your decor. Brown shades are traditional. Black is non-conformist but can look elegant. If you are in the mood to experiment, you can also try a white finish.

Jewelry armoires are not too heavy on your pocket, if you are looking for a simple, basic model. If you want a traditional carved armoire you may have hunt for them in antique stores however they might turn out to be expensive. Most modern jewelry armoires are available at all price levels. Do make sure that you look at all the various stores, offline and online before you decide.

Advantages to Having a Jewelry Armoire

Are you still stuck using the old jewelry box with all your jewelry lying bunched up together and maybe even causing damage to the more delicate ones? If so, then it may be time to get yourself a good sized jewelry armoire. You don’t have to have a ton of jewelry just to get your own armoire. The concept of an armoire is that it allows each piece of jewelry to have its own space that will effectively reduce damage to your more delicate pieces. Here are a few advantages to having a jewelry armoire.

ACCESS – When you have a jewelry armoire, you can arrange your precious items accordingly. The armoire would be spacious enough to let bracelets and chokers lie freely on a non abrasive surface. Depending on the type of the armoire, it could let a necklace hang so that there will be no damage and friction between two pieces. Because you have better access to your jewelry you can save time instead of rummaging through your stacks of necklaces and rings, bracelets and others. With the armoire sitting comfortably in a corner of your room you can save yourself the trouble brought about by a cluttered dresser top. It has also been proven that you lessen the risk of losing jewelry pieces because you have misplaced them in one way or another because of the clutter. As a result having a Jewelry armoire allows you to have what you need right at your fingertips.

PROTECTION – If you happen to own heirloom jewelry . Or those that have been handed down from your great grandmother to your grandma then to your mother, and so on; then you would definitely need a Jewelry armoire to keep the antique pieces safe. Because of the nature of the design of vintage jewelry , they tend to be densely studded with precious stones. The setting of these stones can get lose due to time and the stones can fall out. This process is aggravated when the stones come in constant contact with sharp edged objects like other jewelry of a similar make. With a Jewelry armoire, these richly studded pieces can be made to lie down flat by themselves so that they do not come into contact with other pieces. Another piece of jewelry that needs delicate care is those that are made out of Pearls. Pearls are softer than other precious stones and metals. A jewelry armoire can effectively protect pearls by allowing storage space for pearls alone making the incidence of scratching rare and least likely.

STYLE – You’d be the talk of the next book club meeting when you give them a tour of your room and a glimpse at your beautiful wooden, high gloss finished armoire. The other ladies mouths will drool with envy. After all having an armoire means having an excuse to show of your jewelry collection. If however, your jewelry does not fully occupy the spaces provided by your armoire – it then becomes a great reason to fill it with more treasure, maybe after that you can get another one that you can start to fill once more. No matter how you look at it, Jewelry Armoires are – as Ms. Martha Stewart used to say (Bet she has one, by the way): “A good thing.”

Choosing the Perfect Jewelry Armoire

What is an armoire? Usually, an armoire is a type of wooden furniture used for storage, with two doors that open up to reveal shelves and storage boxes inside and along its length. Now let’s move on to the next question: what is a jewelry armoire? Simply put, it is an armoire made specifically to store jewelry. Jewelry armoires are typically smaller than a standard armoire, have four legs, and can be placed on top of a dresser, cupboard, or table. Although a wall mount jewelry armoire is frequently used as well. However what ever your choice it, you can’t go wrong when incorporating this beautiful piece in your home décor.

Not to be confused with a jewelry box, primarily because a jewelry armoire is made of wood, and a jewelry box can be made up of a number of materials such as glass, enamel, porcelain, plastic, silver, and of course, wood. Another major difference between is its construction and design – a jewelry armoire has two doors opening up to shelving units inside, while a jewelry box has compartments instead of shelves. Aside from these differences, they has metal or wooden knobs for opening the doors, and can also be made up of intricate designs and carvings on its surface.

A jewelry armoire is a perfect gift for a loved one. Its design is usually classic and elegant, and it can last for many years, depending on the wood that is used to make it. Some of the more common types of wood for these beauties are cherry, maple, oak, mahogany, and pine. The tougher the wood, the tougher and hardier the piece will be. Some have lasted for hundreds of years, and have been made into heirlooms by families. Being able to pass down such an elegant piece to your loved one is priceless. The quality and durability of these intricate storage pieces are by far the perfect place to secure your valuables and the perfect gift for all.

The classic design of the jewelry armoire is square – but today’s models contain added variations – it can be round, rectangular, can have sliding doors and drawers, and can be attached to the wall. Whatever you decide to buy for you or your loved one, you can rest assure that it will be a wise choice, not only for jewelry storage, but for the storage of memories for years to come.

The Infinite Storage Options of a Jewelry Armoire

Even the most avid jewelry collector is sure to love a jewelry armoire to keep her precious gemstones safe and organized. Jewellry armoires come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and styles today, from sleek cabinets that save floor space by mounting on a wall to free-standing units that become a focal point in your bedroom by their own right.

Jewellry armoires offer more storage than the standard jewelry box, making them a perfect solution for women with larger collections or additional accessories she would like to keep in one location.

We have a list of some of the options in jewellry armoires today to help you find the best cabinet for your needs.

Wall-Mounted Jewellry Armoires

A wall-mounted jewellry armoire frees up valuable floor space in your home without sacrificing storage space for your jewelry pieces. These hanging cabinets come in a wide range of sizes and styles, from those featuring a full length mirror to hide the jewels to smaller, decorative cabinets that look just as lovely in a hallway or dining room as your bedroom area.

Styles range from sleek and contemporary to ornate and traditional, so the jewellry armoire you choose can easily complement the rest of your home’s décor.

Some wall-hung jewelry armoires also feature a secure lock so you can keep your valuables safe and secure when you are not at home.

Hopefully you now understand the benefits of a wall-mount armoire. People usually dislike armoires as a result of how cumbersome they may be. Thanks to the new designs of wall-mounted jewelry armoires, the space is saved and you have a piece of furniture that adds style to your home. These wall mount armoires can add that extra bit of flare to your house and give you that complete feeling.

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