Jewelry Armoires: A Perfect Jewerly Storage Solution

There are many options available on the market right now that may be absolutely, as well as practically, perfect for your currently less than stellar jewelry storage situation. One of these methods (which is my personal favorite, by the way) is to store your jewelry in an elegant piece of furniture, the armoire. Armoires designed for jewelry storage are plentiful in size and often accommodate plenty of space set up especially for easy access to your jewelry, small heirlooms, and other treasures.

If you have ever lost an expensive piece of jewelry (whether you ever fond it again or whether you did not) you know the panic of misplacing something especially precious, or at least extremely costly, to you. However, when there is a designated place created especially to help you to really keep track of and provide storage for your most precious jewels, jewelry and other accessories, it can be an incredible relief.

You can not find your favorite, heirloom pearl earrings and matching necklace anywhere. It has been a while since you wore these jewels last. Did you leave it in your luggage? Was it stolen? Did you misplace it somehow? It is a really bad feeling when this happens, no matter who you are. This is because even if your jewelry is insured, replacement guidelines are tricky and sometimes you can never exactly replace the piece of jewelry that has vanished. But just like every other very important items you must keep track of, such as paperwork, bank statements, trinkets, seasonal décor and small pieces of clothing (to name only a few examples) there needs to be a specific place for you to store your jewelry. And (just as you put your clothes in the hamper when they are dirty and subsequently, put them back in the closet or dresser when they are clean) a designated storage space will provide you with the ability to know exactly where your jewelry is whenever you are not wearing it.

So the choice, if you make the decision to purchase a jewelry armoire – the only real question now is what type of armoire will best suit your needs – and of course, the interior home design you prefer. Most armoires designed especially for jewelry storage are designed to be a piece of your bedroom furniture. If you have a very large bathroom, however, you may choose a jewelry armoire to keep within that space. The great thing about many types of furniture, the armoire for jewelry included, are practical in addition to potentially becoming great enhancers of the overall ambiance of the space in which you chose to place it.

I had never considered a solution this great until I was desperate enough to begin the search. I was happily surprised by the availability of armoires designed especially jewelry on the market today. I wished immediately that I had looked around much sooner. I still can not find the expensive earring I lost. I guess you could say that I realized I needed to protect my treasures only after one had been lost. It is certainly not the very first time this has happened to me or, as a matter of fact, to anyone – but if you have not had this particular problem yet, do not wait for it to happen. In other words, replace your unreliable jewelry storage system before you are sorry you did not.

You can find a great armoire though many furniture suppliers, as well as in many different styles, sizes, and all with a particular allure. There are, most importantly, jewelry armoires with a wide variety of storage spaces especially for the jewelry, accessories and / or heirlooms that you have. You can even have an armoire custom designed for your jewelry and to coordinate with the design of your bedroom and / or bathroom too enhance the overall look you want in your room.

Why a Wood Jewelry Armoire?

Any person would agree that his jewelry is one of his prized possessions. Some of his jewelry pieces may have been received out of the love and appreciation of a loving family, a smitten spouse or partner, an appreciable boss, a grateful colleague or as a prize for being a great employee. Needless to say, what make jewelry pieces special are the gesture, value and reason of receiving it. As much as jewelers meticulously manage to store and preserve the luster of their collections, ordinary individuals would also want the same level of care for their own personal collections of jewelry. Whether it is an invaluable family heirloom or as fancy as costume props, putting them in a wood jewelry armoire gives your collection the meticulous storage measures that it deserves.

Jewelry boxes are perhaps the most popular choice of jewelry storage. For one thing, jewelry pieces are often sold with their individual felt lined or cushioned boxes. Gone are the days when means of jewelry storage are limited to boxes and sealed containers. We now see the stylish wood jewelry armoire, a furniture piece that proves to be reliably stylish in organizing, storing, protecting and securing your jewelry for the coming years and generations.

Jewelry is one of the most popular gift ideas for both men and women. In this light, proper storage furniture like an armoire must be the second most popular gift item. Unlike traditional boxes and chests, a jewelry armoire has multiple drawers and compartments where you can conveniently store and organize your rings, bracelets, earrings, cuff links, pins, pendants and watches. Depending on the design, each compartment and drawer may be given locks for added security. Unlike traditional chests and boxes, armoires can provide enough space for your every piece of jewelry, from teeny tiny diamond studs to chunky pendants, bracelets and necklaces.

Just like other designs of jewelry storage, a jewelry armoire also comes in different styles and materials. However, the wood jewelry armoire proves to be the ideal jewelry storage. Of course, there are other options for jewelry storage. You can pick an adorable fabric jewelry box, satin or velvet. You can also pick a leather jewelry box and valet. You may also settle with travel jewelry boxes, which provide more compartments to accommodate a wide assortment of jewelry items. There is also the jewelry roll, which is simply a plastic zippered jewelry container. But while these materials conveniently provide handy storage for your jewelry pieces, they offer very little in protecting the quality of your jewelry. Fabric boxes can easily be crushed with pressure; thus, ruining your gems and pearls. Leather boxes can be too hard, hard enough to scratch and ruin the sheen and polish of your jewelry. Plastic is more problematic as it typically traps moisture, which is a big no-no. Hence, the wood jewelry armoire provides you with the most neutral material and most appropriate and secure jewelry storage.

Just like any wood furniture, a wood jewelry armoire will look lovely in any corner, surface or wall. Beyond aesthetics, they seamlessly complement the demand of every piece with ample level of care and protection. It is durable enough to last a lifetime. Its elegant and tough design and construction sure meets your equally profound taste for jewelry. Overall, a wood jewelry armoire makes a fine gift or personal investment.

Jewelry Armoire Chest

Contrary to common belief men are more likely to collect valuable items. Men’s collectible items often range from stamps, coins, comic books, cars, baseball cards and jewelry. Yes people, jewelry! In fact, jewelry is generally the most popular gift for men as it is for women. Unlike most of men’s collectible items, Men’s jewelry items are not meant to be just dumped in a box. To keep them organized and easy to find and reach, they need to be given proper storage. In this light, when men’s jewelry and mens jewelry boxes are popular gift ideas, then a masculine jewelry armoire chest must be the second most popular gift idea.

The word armoire is actually a French word that means “an arms cabinet or storage.” In earlier times, armoire is generally used by men as a secure storage for their guns. More recently, armoires are now made to store and secure their other valuable collections. Aside from wardrobes, men’s jewelry armoire chest was made to use its shelves, doors and drawers in accommodating men’s most valuable collections of cuff links, necklaces, wallets, watches, pins, and other accessories. It provided a one spot storage that will allow men to easily keep track of their collection and secure each and every piece while maintaining their shine, luster and value.

Let’s admit it. Men in general are not the most organized creatures on earth. Although mens jewelry boxes do great in keeping all their jewelry pieces out of damaging elements such as dust and direct sunlight, they offer very little in organizing men’s valuable stuff. Stacking mens jewelry boxes in the closet may not be the best idea. Not only does it pose a certain risk of getting broken due to accidental falling over of piling up jewelry box piles. The boxes also offer very little security for each and every piece of jewelry. For someone who is fond of collecting items like cuff links, watches and rings, organizing every piece and item of jewelry is a struggle when solely relying on boxes. For one’s growing jewelry collection, investing on a nice jewelry armoire chest certainly is a wise decision.

Instead of closet cabinets, office desks and bedroom dresser corner table surfaces, masculine jewelry armoire chest provides just the kind of space and storage that a jewelry collection deserves. This is also true for women who understand the value of proper jewelry storage. This piece of furniture also comes in styles and designs that can work small and big spaces. Free-standing jewelry armoire chest are available in designs that will readily complement your men’s masculine furniture taste. They come in sizes that easily go right at their bedside, near their dresser or anywhere else they prefer. Wall-mounted versions of jewelry armoire are also offered to fit into the décor for limited spaces. You can place this type of armoire near your bedside or anywhere that will make it convenient for you to access and secure your jewelry collection.

For men as well as women, there is a long list of occasion when they can be given valuable trinkets like jewelry pieces. As their jewelry boxes pile up, gifting them with their own jewelry armoire chest could be a delight. Help them find the best storage and furniture to organize and store their jewelry collections. Surely, a jewelry armoire chest is one unique and practical piece of furniture that every man and woman will value even for the coming years.