Advantages to Having a Jewelry Armoire

Are you still stuck using the old jewelry box with all your jewelry lying bunched up together and maybe even causing damage to the more delicate ones? If so, then it may be time to get yourself a good sized jewelry armoire. You don’t have to have a ton of jewelry just to get your own armoire. The concept of an armoire is that it allows each piece of jewelry to have its own space that will effectively reduce damage to your more delicate pieces. Here are a few advantages to having a jewelry armoire.

ACCESS – When you have a jewelry armoire, you can arrange your precious items accordingly. The armoire would be spacious enough to let bracelets and chokers lie freely on a non abrasive surface. Depending on the type of the armoire, it could let a necklace hang so that there will be no damage and friction between two pieces. Because you have better access to your jewelry you can save time instead of rummaging through your stacks of necklaces and rings, bracelets and others. With the armoire sitting comfortably in a corner of your room you can save yourself the trouble brought about by a cluttered dresser top. It has also been proven that you lessen the risk of losing jewelry pieces because you have misplaced them in one way or another because of the clutter. As a result having a Jewelry armoire allows you to have what you need right at your fingertips.

PROTECTION – If you happen to own heirloom jewelry . Or those that have been handed down from your great grandmother to your grandma then to your mother, and so on; then you would definitely need a Jewelry armoire to keep the antique pieces safe. Because of the nature of the design of vintage jewelry , they tend to be densely studded with precious stones. The setting of these stones can get lose due to time and the stones can fall out. This process is aggravated when the stones come in constant contact with sharp edged objects like other jewelry of a similar make. With a Jewelry armoire, these richly studded pieces can be made to lie down flat by themselves so that they do not come into contact with other pieces. Another piece of jewelry that needs delicate care is those that are made out of Pearls. Pearls are softer than other precious stones and metals. A jewelry armoire can effectively protect pearls by allowing storage space for pearls alone making the incidence of scratching rare and least likely.

STYLE – You’d be the talk of the next book club meeting when you give them a tour of your room and a glimpse at your beautiful wooden, high gloss finished armoire. The other ladies mouths will drool with envy. After all having an armoire means having an excuse to show of your jewelry collection. If however, your jewelry does not fully occupy the spaces provided by your armoire – it then becomes a great reason to fill it with more treasure, maybe after that you can get another one that you can start to fill once more. No matter how you look at it, Jewelry Armoires are – as Ms. Martha Stewart used to say (Bet she has one, by the way): “A good thing.”