Cheval Jewelry Armoires – Furnishing a Touch of Class

Have you been storing those valuable necklaces from your mother or grandmother in a small box, requiring you to untangle chains or pour everything out of the box to find the single piece of jewelry you are seeking? If this describes you perfectly, consider one of the many beautiful cheval jewelry armoires. These elegant additions to your home offer perfect storage for jeweled treasures.

In addition to increased space, jewelry armoires offer separate small compartments for earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and other jewelry items. This allows you to organize your jewelry and find it more easily. The cheval mirrors attached to most of these armoires is most convenient, allowing you to try on several items without going back and forth to a mirror to examine each.

These jewelry armoires are available in a wide variety of styles. Some are mounted on the wall, while others are styled to function as vanity tables. Alternatively, others greatly resemble a small dresser or chest of drawers in appearance.

In addition to various styles, these elegant armoires are available in a wide variety of colors as well. Many feature a cherry, maple, or walnut finish, while some other designs are created from mission oak. Almost any style, however, can be purchased in nearly any type of finish that the customer desires.

One unique style of armoire is designed as a cheval mirror. This full-length, freestanding mirror opens – to reveal a jewelry armoire with separate compartments for each type of jewelry, as well as many hooks for necklaces. These mirrors are available in white, oak, and cherry finishes.

The term ‘cheval mirror’ is most correctly used to refer to a full-sized freestanding mirror that is supported by a post on either side. This term, however, is frequently used with jewelry armoires to describe a smaller mirror. This is usually located at the top of the armoire and can be freely adjusted up or down as needed for viewing.

These elegant furnishings add a touch of class to any room. Delicately shaped and ornamental, yet functional and conveniently sized, they take up little additional floor space. Less than two feet in width, they easily fit into even a crowded bedroom or dressing room.

Tangled chains break, and delicate earring posts are easily bent. Don’t endanger your favorite jewelry any longer. Care for it and protect it by storing it in an elegant, convenient cheval jewelry armoire.

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How to Choose the Right Jewelry Armoire

A jewelry armoire can be a beautiful addition to any bedroom or dressing area in the home and can offer a place to store your most important jewelry. Jewelry armoires come in various styles, sizes, features and designs so choosing the right one for your situation is important in order to get the most out of this piece of furniture. When choosing the right unit, it’s helpful to take several things into consideration in order to insure your satisfaction after your furniture purchase.

  • Many styles from which to choose – Jewelry armoires come in various styles which include the ever popular Queen Anne, Mission design, cottage, black contemporary and white armoires. The finishes are usually found in cherry, oak, walnut, pine, black and white although there are other variations on color as well. A very popular style is a whitewashed look with handpainted designs along the casing. Some units have turned legs, curved legs or straight, mission styled legs to enhance the overall style of the particular armoire.
  • Sizes – You can find a jewelry armoire in just about any size you may need to fit your storage requirements. Some offer 4 drawers on the front with two side panels and a fliptop storage area. Other large jewelry armoires offer 6 or 8 larger drawers stacked up the front with two large panels on either side for storage. Most units offer fliptops with a mirror in the inside. This area is ideal for storing your most used items such as watches, earrings, necklaces or small accessories that you need to grab on your way out the door.
  • Features – There are various features available such as locking elements on certain units which make it useful when you need to store your jewels and accessories away from others in your home. Also, features such as extra storage compartments, velvet lining, or additional mirrors may be found in some of the finer armoires.
  • Designs – The design of jewelry storage units has continued to evolve as more and more adults as well as children are interested in using their own jewelry armoires. Some pieces are quite distinctive for adults while some units add a childish charm with its smaller size and whimsical appeal. There are many possible designs from which to choose that are sure to please just about anyone who is looking for the perfect piece of furniture in which to store their jewelry.

There are many online sources from which to compare prices, designs and features, so be sure to check out several reputable manufacturers when you are ready to purchase. If you know how to choose the right jewelry armoire, you will end up with a charming, beautiful piece of storage furniture to hold all your jewelry and personal accessories.

Modern Jewelry Armoire – Needs Of a Women

Today’s women are getting out from the boundaries of house and playing a vital role in developing the world. Now they are working in different sectors along with men. They work hard and party even harder, while maintaining a healthy balance between work and life. Woman love to dress well and accessorizing with jewelry is very dear to them. Today’s women definitely need a modern jewelry armoire that can help them quickly find the right jewelry to match their dress to make a perfect look in all occasion.

Jewelry armoire is now become a part of every women bedroom. A modern armoire is definitely on the shopping list of most women. If you are redecorating your bedroom is the perfect time to think about decorating your room with a modern armoire that matches to room color and your personality.

Nowadays the armoires getting popular, you can easily find lots of jewelry armoire in different size and shape. Before buying any Jewelry Armoire, you should decide about color and size of the armoire depending on the color, theme and size of your room and other furniture. If you have limited space in your room, you can even choose a wall mounted armoire.

If your room is small, a good option is to buy a wall hanging armoire so you can save on space. It is also easier to use and don’t need to use any space of floor that you need in floor mounted cabinet. Today, many people prefer wall mounted armoires almost all of them can also be used as a mirror. There isn’t another better way to enjoy your jewelry to wear and pose front of the mirror.

If you already have a mirror and do not need another, you can go for an armoire with a picture frame. So the armoire can contain both your memories and your precious treasures – your jewelry too.

A perfect jewelry armoire can help you to organize your jewelry perfectly. You can find different shapes and sizes of compartments that can be used to store your jewelry. There will be separate hangers for your chains and separators for you different types of jewelry. Because these armoires are so well designed, the next time you want to find a special ornament, you can easily locate not only saves your precious time but also saves from look through the mess of the drawers.

Once you have your jewelry armoire on the specific model and size, all that remains is to choose the perfect color to suit your decor. Browns are traditional. The black is a rebel, but it can be elegant. If you’re in the mood to experiment, you can also try a white.

Jewelry cabinets are not too expensive, if you are looking for an ordinary and basic jewelry armoire. If you want a traditional jewelry armoire you need to look in antique stores, but those may be costly. Most modern jewelry armoires are available in all price levels. Be sure to check all the different stores, online and offline before deciding.